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3 questions the VP Sales of uses to shorten sales cycles

A while ago I spoke with the VP of Sales of Segment.

(Just in case you’ve been living under a rock… Segment is one unstoppable, meteoric-rise SaaS companies.

Here’s what Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham recently said about them:

We talked about many things that any B2B sales rep in 2016 should know. (And if you’re currently an SDR with big ambitions of becoming a VP Sales at some point… you especially should check out this interview!)

But one of the more tactical takeaways from the interview is what I want to share here: how you can shorten your sales cycle with three simple questions:

  1. What challenges does our product solve?

  2. How can we quantify our solution?

  3. What could happen in the coming months that would expedite the sales process?

Now you probably want a bit more context around these questions to really make them work. So click here to keep reading (or watch a video of the full interview).

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